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Increase RAM of your Android Phone

Welcome readers to Happyloots in previous posts we had discussed about how to earn money online without investment & Mpl App 25rs/refer today in this post i am going to give u some useful information about How to Increase RAM in your Android phone. Ya it can be done in android devices . we all are familiar with Android phone’s and it’s Features it’s one of the best OS till now and got a big mark and heigh public demands.

About 80% of smart phones in the world is based on Android. And due to increase in heavy Apps which requires more RAM in our devices. So in order to get more RAM some of us buy new phones which requires huge money. Don’t worry just simply follow the steps and increase your Android phone’s ram using Sd card.

What is Ram ? & it’s uses .

Ram stands for Random access memory . this tells u any part of the data that can be accessed easily. A ram is used to hold the data of any phone or computer system , is currently using. Devices are having different ram in different devices. It lets a phone store more of these app snapshots without encroaching on the RAM a phone needs to make its OS run effectively. phone doesn’t have to scan through sequentially-stored data as you might do with a CD, an old tape cassette or, most importantly, a hard drive. It’s effectively instant-access.

How to increase Ram of Android using sd card..?

In intenet u will find several methods by which u will get to know about increasing ram of android phones but here we will discuss about two genuine methods by which u will be able to increase ur android phones Ram easily . First method need some applications , but don’t worry there are both free and premium application available in play store and Android market u can download them and increase ur ram easily .

But, in the second method u will be able to increase ur ram by manually. And u can increase ur ram very quickly.

Method 1 [ Increase Ram By Application ]


[ Premium app ]

Roehsoft ram expander is an android app which increase ur android phone’s ram by converting a Part of SD Card Memory into RAM. That is your SD Card will now be used as a Virtual Ram for your Android Device. So, increase ur ram by installing Application.

Steps to Increase RAM by apk

Before you buy this app u must check ur phone compatibility with this app. So , check your phone compatibility by MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check

Steps :-

1) I’f u had checked ur phone compatibility using above apps suggested then, Download ram expander apk .

2) After Downloading it will ask choose ur language [ choose it ].

3) Now Create a SWAP File by clicking Swap Active and Enable it.

4) After you finish with this just click on the Grey Box and Activate SWAP

5) Voila you have successfully increased your Device Ram .

METHOD 2 [ Manually Increase ur Ram ]


Just follow the steps and increase ur ram free of cost we have tested this trick personally. If u face any problems with this trick then comment below we will surely help u.

Requirements :-

  1. SD Card of Class 4 or Higher.
  2. Rooted Android Smart Phone or tablet.
  3. Windows Pc
  4. SD Card Reader
  5. And some Software

Note :- In order to increase RAM manually ur phone must be rooted.

Trick no 1

In order to convert ur sd card into ram ur phone need to support Swap function. To check this download Swap Check application. Try it – MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check.

If ur devices support or compatible with swap function then Proceed with Trick no 2

Trick no 2

  1. For this Google Mini Tool partition and Download it on your Windows PC.
  2. Now Connect your SD Card to your PC. You can use Card Reader for this.
  3. Now open Mini Tool Application and click on your SD card and Select the Delete Option.
  4. This action will Format your Card and now you have an unallocated Space.
  5. Now Make partition by right clicking on your SD card. Select the partition as primary and file system as FAT 32 for card more than 4GB.
  6. Leave about 1 GB memory for next partition.
    Then select done and again click on make partition option select primary partition but change the file system to EXT2, EXT3 or EXT4.
    Click on apply changes and after processing for few minutes your partition is completed.

Trick no 3

  1. After, processing above tasks u need to download link2SD Apk
  2. Launch this app and give root permission.
  3. Now Chose the .ext partition that we made earlier.
  4. Sorts the app and start linking them.

Trick no 4 [ increase RAM of android device ]

  1. Finally u need to install swapper for root apk
  2. Launch this app and Select the amount of ram you need to increase.
  3. It will create a .Swap file and it will enable you to increase Ram of your Android device.
  4. Now check your ram . It must increase the amount u selected .
  5. Voila done 👍

So I hope u all had enjoyed above Tricks and increased your android phone’s Ram according to ur needs if u faced any difficulties and have some doubts feel free to write us , we will be in touch with u soon.

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