Amazon quiz Answers 25th April


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Hello friends welcome to Happyloots in this post u will get to know Amazon qize Answers. U can win many prizes by simply giving Answers to this question so, without wasting our time let’s get started.

How to play ?

  1. Download Amazon app
  2. Sign in/ sign up
  3. In homepage u will see a banner
  4. Click on the banner and continue.

Amazon quiz Answers 25th April 2019

Q.1 What does a manometer measure?

Ans. Pressure

Q.2 In the Fifa World Cup, the ‘Golden Boot Award’ is awarded each season to whom?

Ans. The top goal-scorer

Q.3 According to the old English proverb, to which European capital city do all roads lead to?

Ans. Rome

Q.4 From what book is the quote,’War is peace,Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is strength’?

Ans. 1984

Q.5 In Japanese, Ehat is the word for goodbye?

Ans. Sayoonara

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